Well in case you still doubt who they are, Atonal Microtonal has 3 cassettes of em.

How do you feels getting an interview from far away land that you're not even reached here personally?

(Andy) I was just talking to my other friend here about how amazing that is. It's amazing and a little scary too!

Who's answering this?

(Andy) My name is Andy and I play guitar.

Do the members of Sista Sekunden play in any other bands before?

Dempe: Ett Liv Kvar & The Livids
Andy: Satanic Surfers, Intensity, Asebia & Terrible Feelings
Tommy: LeftRightLeft & The Confession
Julian: Atlas Losing Grip, The Cutting Edge & Semi
Stefan (ex-drummer): Skitkids, Kontrovers, Snifter & Burning Kitchen

Seems that you’ve spending ages in this so called “hardcore punk” scene. What drives you to stay still? I guess that is where Aldras Med Stil comes from?

(Andy) Yes, we've done this band for almost 6 years now, and we have some history before that but it doesn't matter. I've seen kids play who blow my mind and they have been punk for one week. So I guess what makes us stay and continue is the freedom and energy. Åldras Med Stil (aging with style) is the art of growing up and NOT drop out of hardcore.

You run Instigate Records as well. This is the right time to help promoting it. Tell us about it. You even managed to release Mass Separation split with Kontrovers.

(Andy) Yup, I've done Instigate since 1999 I think. Just a very small one-man operation run out of my living room. It's always been low key and no stress. Early on I released mostly bands from out of town which was great cause I got many contacts in the world but lately I decided to work more local in order to build a strong scene here in Malmö. The split with Kontrovers and MS was really cool, and it was co-released with Putrid Filth Conspiracy. The logo for Instigate today comes from a flyer I did for that split EP.

And last time you're telling me about the label want to put more concerns on helping local scene grows.

(Andy) Yes, I think the kids here needs a label they can relate to. And I'm very happy about the rising of new bands here in Malmö.

If you could recommend one band out of Sweden, what will that could be?

(Andy) Oh shit... hard question. Masshysteri. Or Hårda Tider. Or Instängd.

Don't you want to promote your own band?

(Andy) No.

(Laughs) But why?

(Andy) I don't know. Cause I like those other bands very much...

You guys are busy with touring almost every month to almost every part of the world, how do you handle yourself financially?

We do big shows in the summer, like festivals. They pay very well, and we use that money to fly around and play in the world. And the merch does pretty good too.

Big shows? Do they have Roxette?

(Laughs) I wish... You know, festivals with Bad Religion and stuff.

Bad Religion is good enough man. I'm a fan of them.

(Andy) They're ok! The singer is a pervert.

Practically, what do you guys doing daily to keep all of you survived until the end of the month? All of you are working? How come you fit in those endless tour with your job schedule?

(Andy) I'm a graphic designer, Dempe is a tattoo artist, Tommy is a chef and has a recording studio, Julian is a nurse but wants to become a firefighter. We work inbetween tours and sometimes it's really hard economically, but we manage. The trick is lowering the daily costs, but I enjoy spending my money on expensive beer, haha. Since we focus on touring, the jobs just have to accept our life style. Otherwise we find another job.

So how’s your US tour with a replacement vocalist?

(Andy) It was great, slightly different but all in all great. Dempe sings more accentuative, while Adam (the stand-in) is more floating, like a poet.

Where did you find Adam?

(Andy) He and Tommy used to play together before, in a band called CONFESSION. He sang and Tommy played guitar. Our constant roadie BAJT played bass in that band. Nowadays Adam is in TYSTA MARI and PASSAGERARNA. So we've always stayed in touched and when Dempe couldn't come on tour Adam was one of the first people we called..

If both of them couldn’t make it?

(Andy) Who, Dempe and Adam? Well... then I guess Julian would sing. (Laughs)

Nah, let's say if you guys ever make it to South East Asia and that particular problem happens, so that makes you guys a trio like Blink 182. Anyway, will you guys make it to South East Asia?

(Laughs) Yeah I guess. We really want to come to SEA, so I really hope we gather some money and get our asses over there soon!

How do you guys overcome the fear of touring since last time Dempe used to counter this accident in Copenhagen that required him to put in the hospital? Somehow don’t you guys feel insecure of it? Mind to tell how did it happened and why?

(Andy) It was a tragic story. Dempe got attacked by some idiot drug pushers at a show. We had to cancel the rest of the tour, and Dempe stayed in the hospital for some time. Coming back after that was actually not so hard. We were all very determined to get our revenge and the best way to do that was touring. Our first show after the accident was actually in Umeå (which is in the north of Sweden) so we flew up and got hotel and it felt kind of nice, almost like a reward.

Now music wise, obviously your musical direction has been changed after the first EP 2006, and tends to be more melodic now. Is that because of Stefan left the band and get replaced by Julian (who do play with Atlas Losing Grip as well) do influencing the rhyme that the band goes?

(Andy) Ok, Stefan is more punk and Julian is more pop. But I think all of us wanted to see a deeper meaning in the songs, not just the lyrics. The first songs were very simple and straight on hardcore. Then we started developing. I think that's pretty natural. That's probably why you always hear people say they only like the first records with bands, cause they are (most of the times) pure, direct, honest, no bullshit and easy.

I could smell a huge Strike Anywhere influence in your latest release, maybe you want to add in some or you just want to prove me wrong.

(Andy) I love Strike Anywhere, but I think I was more influenced by them in 2006 than I am now. The influences on the latest record are old swedish pubrock and rockbands like: Gyllene Tider, Magnus Uggla, Ebba Grön and stuff like that.

Will you ever return back to that specific sound 2006 used to offer?

(Andy) I don't think so. If there's something I could imagine going back to is the 4/4 punkrock songs from our second record. Songs like "Se Opp Se Opp" carry the perfect mix of '81 hardcore and our own style.

Why do you guys have a song and lyric in Swedish even though you know that only English is accepted worldwide? Don’t you feel weird singing an unknown song to the audience?

(Andy) We sing in swedish cause it feels more true to ourselves, and cause we're not good enough at english. Of course it's smarter to sing in english cause you can reach out better, but I think if we did that we would just be another hardcore band. The rhythm in swedish works pretty well with the aggressiveness.

..I know you guys will come with an explanation before play a song but normally people in the shows would be very busy to take concerns about it. Will this fact bothering you?

(Andy) If you wanna say something inbetween songs at a live show you have to do it with conviction. If you make sure to get the attention, the crowd will listen. And if you don't have anything to say, maybe it's better to shut up.

If there is any bands out there that you guys wish to have split with, what is that band could be?
(Andy) Good Riddance.

OK I think I’ve asked enough question. Is there anything you want to add in? Thanks Andy.
(Andy) Thanks for the interview! Hope to see you soon!